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A dance movie about love and the drive to dance
Morristown dance movie: Have you ever dared to dream?

Dawn longs to become a professional dancer. Retired dance pro Chris returns to the studio to help her realize that dream. This dance movie, created for dancers by dancers, tells their stories and more.

Discover the passion, pain and triumph that this art can deliver through this independent film that takes an inside look at their lives both in and out of the dance school.

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What people are saying about Morristown

"I just got the movie and absolutely LOVED IT! There is so much actual dancing in it. Where did you find that girl doing the 8 pirouettes? I'm lucky if I can do 3 that well. Thanks for making this dance movie!"
- Jazzhands

"The dancing in the movie is absolutely beautiful. I'm very impressed...I've been dancing for 13 years now, and it’s nice to see how much it can really pay off." - Jess